“Pick your battles and cardigans!

Confirmation has become a big event which sometimes causes despair for many Parents. 

I have so many Mums contacting me asking for 'cover ups' for the Chapel and I tell them 'don't fret'. All they need is something to wear over the shoulders , for the Chapel to walk in , as its normally so stuffy, albeit not this year.

Who knows? 

Each little girl has their own 'style' and to be perfectly honest, why shouldn't they?

I have a saying 'pick your battles', what is the point in making her unhappy about what she is in.  If she wants to rock the outfit up by wearing a denim jacket - my advice- let her!

Why waste your money and buy something she will never wear again?

Ive included 3 different 'cover ups' that I think are lovely for the Chapel.

1. Our own Faux Fur Bolero available in pink, ivory, white & black. 



Pic 2 - Ted Baker Faux Metallic Frill Jacket 

 Now, girls that are aged 11 have more say and why shouldn’t they, in what they wear, we should be encouraging individuality. And speaking from experience Ladies, I know it isn’t easy!

Thats why I love the following outfit, it’s our “KIRSTY” dress, with a pair of Converse and finished off with a Ted Baker metallic jacket. Now this jacket is Ted Baker last years Season. Do you see how it totally changes the outfit from “girly” to  cool- and to top it off you won’t be wasting your money on something she won’t wear again. She could wear the dress in the Summer on holidays and I can assure you the Converse will be not be taken off !

A dress from Ringarosies matched with a metallic ted baker dress and a rose gold metallic pair of lace up converse high-tops. For confirmation ideas and outfits. Pic. 3 - Anyone that has ever been to me as a customer is probably saying to themselves “Is she still recommending that cardigan?”, my answer is “if it’s not broke ,why fix it?”

The “NIAMH” cardigan from Monsoon is one of a girls key pieces, in my opinion, in her wardrobe. Every year they bring out this cardigan in different colours. Priced at £20-£25, it washes like a ribbon. 
Because I am looking at fashion pieces all the time, I find it easy to put things together. And here is another example, in our Charmaine dress paired with a pair of shoes from Monsoon and with the cardigan. 

This dipped hem blush pink dress from Ringarosies is so elegant. With its sleeveless bodice and flowing skirt that is fully lined. Perfect for confirmation or flower girl. Paired with the Niamh cardigan from Monsoon and ombré shoes with a small heel.

I hope these ideas help, and please remember , if she wants to wear a jumpsuit or wear black, sometimes it’s just easier to let her, “pick your battles”. And appreciate her individuality.

Sure isn’t that what life is about, #beUnique 

Hope this helps, Love G x k