What age should you get your child a debit card?

If you know me, I have a saying- 'you do you and I will do me'. 

Same applies as above. As a Mum of 4, each of my kids are totally different and they way they handle their money is no different.

When my eldest had started Secondary school (5 years ago), he was going to hockey matches on the bus and I was constantly giving him money to get food on the way home, until one day I saw an ad for #GoHenry card on TV.

Its basically a pre-paid #visacard for kids. They can only spend what the amount is on their card. 

Personally I think its much better than the High Street Bank equivalent because of the features on the App that supports the card. You can set tasks each week so the kids learn to complete their chores to earn money, as a Parent you can tick these off once completed for a designated day. 

You can set spending limits too so they don't go crazy, per transaction or for the Week. Like say you were going on holidays and you allowed them to spend £100 that week. The card works exactly like a normal Visa.  They can take out cash out at an ATM , spend in a shop via contactless or chip and pin and it can also be used online.

Every time they spend, you get an alert on your phone which is also a great way of seeing where they are especially if you are giving a bit of freedom for the first time. If they are without you and they needed more money, you can transfer immediately to them or of they loose their card you can automatically block the card from your phone.

One of the features I love is the 'saving feature'. I think its a great teaching tool to show them they have to work for something and then it helps them appreciate it more. 

The sense of independence and responsibility is great for them too.   

Another fab feature is the 'birthday gift'. You can share a link where family and friends can load money onto their card with a message. 

It costs £2.99 per month but honestly, it is so worth it for the features and peace of mind it gives you. Parents have the parental control and kids have it too. 

My youngest is too young for a phone but I got him the card (he's 10), to earn pocket money and to do chores as he has a saving goal for his holidays. He can check everything about his card on his iPad. 

The card can also be customised, Jake chose a footie inspired one and the girls picked pink. It took less than a week for the cards to arrive , bearing in mind I have gotten 4 cards over the past 6 years. 

In a nutshell, over a year it costs £30.00 plus the £5 if you want a customised card. 

You can set up a fixed amount to go into their Go Henry account each week , say if they pay for the school bus or buy their own lunch. 

#GoHenry has a refer a friend scheme so for everyone I refer, I have included a link here, you will get £20.00 on the card when you activate it!

This offer is open to anyone and is on the Go Henry app.

There is no contract and you can stop at any time. 

Hey - check out gohenry, it's a pre-paid debit card for kids, with parental controls - great for learning money skills. https://www.gohenry.com/uk/referrals/?ght=RAF&utm_campaign=refer_a_friend_A&utm_source=activityMA#ref_act_goGS2783_Yh