Confirmation Outfits for Younger Ladies

Girls Confirmation has always been a big event especially in Ireland.

I couldn't wait until I made mine, I wore a mint green skirt suit and thought I was lethal lol. Girls want to look older and not dress like their little sister, I see  so many different types of girls at RINGAROSIES with all different tastes, having two girls (and 2 boys) of my own I know all about it. With only two years between them, their taste and builds couldn't be more opposite.

And you also want to reflect their personalities, my advice is to let them wear what makes them happy. This memory will be etched forever and I always say 'pick your battles'. Have had so many Mums come to me picking what they think their daughter should wear and its just not worth the fall out.

Another reason to buy from me is 'EXCLUSIVITY' .

When I bring in a dress I only ever stock 6 sizes in each style from age 7 up to age 14, once that size is gone, its gone. 

Therefore the chance of your daughter having the same as someone else is slim that age. We have a huge range of colours and styles.

Some girls want a simple dress with a touch of detail and other children want everyone to know they have arrived (YES THAT WAS ME). The more sparkles and shimmer I could onto a dress the better, age hasn't changed that either. 

We stock dresses that are loaded with tulle and Swarovski crystals or even just a simple navy scuba fabric dress with a frill, the choice is immense. 

Please don't worry about sizing, I stock all sizes, for those petite Pricesses that are wearing age 9-10 to the taller Ladies that the legs go on forever.....

Also don't forget if you do go for a simple dress, it can be accessorised and finished off with shoes and a jacket, such as a rose gold jacket from Ted Baker. 

Layers, it is important to layer a dress I feel, if you have so many people in a Chapel or church it can get very stuffy and warm, this is where I feel a jacket or cardigan is a vital piece of an outfit. Even if she takes it off once she sits or when you are at a Hotel, the missing bit ie cardigan doesn't detract from her outfit. Thats why I feel a dress is the easiest outfit to style, cup or down. 

I am available online at any time for a style Consultation to help you find the perfect outfit. 

Normally we take the time to find out your Childs personality and what they like but this year it will be a bit different.  

Our items are returnable and refundable and no issue with returns.

We will always liaise with you to help you and your little Lady pick the perfect dress within your budget. 

You can message us via our Facebook page and our web site as always.

For ideas follow us on instagram 'Ringarosies Girls Occasionwear' or Facebook 'Ringarosies Cookstown'.